Why the Name?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Leo Christopher. 

When we told family and friends we named Leo, well Leo, we got a few raised eyebrows and questions. Like, "Why Leo?"  And, "Is it short for Leonardo?"

First, no. It's not short for Leonardo. It's just Leo. Plain, simple and easy.  

I'm not one to like popular names. Actually to be brutally honest, I despise popular names and made it a point to name my children non-popular names. You would never see me naming my child a name like Aidan, Olivia, Sofia, or Jackson. There's nothing wrong with those names and I have plenty of friends who have named their children those names. It's just not my style. 

Besides, working with the last name Naselli I wanted to ensure my kids had a somewhat Italian first name to correspond with their Italian last name. Because let's be real here, a Jackson Naselli sounds a little weird. 

The name Leo popped in my head months before giving birth. I liked it. It flowed with Naselli and sounded cool with Vinny.  There was no meaning or family history attached to it. I just liked it. and was happy it wasn't on the top 100 popular names list.

And, for the record, Leo wasn't inspired by watching the movie Titantic or any love I have for Leonardo DiCaprio. I promise. 

Leo's middle name, Christopher, is my husband's first name. Vinny's middle name, Marc, is my husband's middle name. So now both of my boys have a price of their daddy's name-which I love so much. 

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