Our Weekend and Single Parenting

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chris came home a few days early from his fishing trip in Canada. Boy was I happy to see him! I gave him the kids and quickly ran out of the house. Kidding!  I won't lie, the thought did cross my mind tho.

The rest of my week single parenting went good. Bedtime was the hardest part of all the nights. Even with Leo wrapped in my Solly Baby Wrap, it still was challenging. I just needed another set of hands. 

But even with the puke, tantrums, melt downs, tears and long sleepless nights we survived. I have the utmost respect for single parents. Man, that is a hard, hard job that many people don't give enough credit to. I'm so thankful for having such a hands-on husband who helps out so much daily. God, it's so nice to have him home. 

With Chris home for the weekend we mostly just hung out at home doing life. We ordered Chinese and put our jammies on early Saturday night and watched movies. I tell ya, that is my absolute favorite way to spend the weekend. There is nothing better than curling up with your family on the couch.

Sunday was our usual church, lunch, home. Seeing that Leo had very little clothes in his dresser and closet I made a trip to the basement to pull out Vinny's baby clothes.  While I was organizing Leo's closet I looked over to see this happening. 

And then I melted into a huge puddle. The way Leo is watching Vinny makes my heart flutter.

This week is pretty low key for us. I'm so glad for that since things around the house need to get done. This coming weekend marks the beginning of my busy season for photography so plan on soaking in my time with my babies before I'm glued to the computer. 

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