Leo - Month 1

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yes, I realize I just posted about his birth yesterday, but he's already one month old now!  Where does the time go?  Seriously, it feels like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital.  Time flies, and seems to fly a billion times faster when you have a toddler running around.

I'll be honest, the last 6 weeks have been slightly a blur.  Things are running together due to lack of sleep. 

Sleep. Let's start with that.  In the first few weeks Leo would wake around twice a night.  I'd change and feed him and put him back to sleep.  Normally this went smoothly.  Other nights Leo thought it was time to party and refused to go back to sleep.  Now, 6 weeks in, things have improved dramatically.  I set a nightly routine and am a firm believer that has made all the difference.  Our routine goes a little like this:

7:30 - Bath
7:45 - Jammy up
8:00 - Bottle
8:30 - Swaddle, rocked/bounced, crib

Leo normally wakes around 1:00/1:30, goes back down after he eats and wakes up again around 6:30.  I definitely cannot complain.  Only waking up once a night at 6 weeks is great!  I'm definitely loving my extra sleep these days!

I'm loving up all Leo's new baby rolls!  This kid loves to eat and it's definitely starting to show!  I keep reminding him that it's ok - now is the only time in his life where a double chin and extra rolls looks cute :) 

Despite Vinny and Leo looking so similar at birth, they are definitely their own little persons.  Leo hates the paci, screams whenever he needs to be changed and doesn't love his car seat.  It's fun watching the differences and similarities between these two.  I'm excited to watch Leo grow into his own person, but not too fast as I do love the baby stage!

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