Our Weekend and Single Parenting

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chris came home a few days early from his fishing trip in Canada. Boy was I happy to see him! I gave him the kids and quickly ran out of the house. Kidding!  I won't lie, the thought did cross my mind tho.

The rest of my week single parenting went good. Bedtime was the hardest part of all the nights. Even with Leo wrapped in my Solly Baby Wrap, it still was challenging. I just needed another set of hands. 

But even with the puke, tantrums, melt downs, tears and long sleepless nights we survived. I have the utmost respect for single parents. Man, that is a hard, hard job that many people don't give enough credit to. I'm so thankful for having such a hands-on husband who helps out so much daily. God, it's so nice to have him home. 

With Chris home for the weekend we mostly just hung out at home doing life. We ordered Chinese and put our jammies on early Saturday night and watched movies. I tell ya, that is my absolute favorite way to spend the weekend. There is nothing better than curling up with your family on the couch.

Sunday was our usual church, lunch, home. Seeing that Leo had very little clothes in his dresser and closet I made a trip to the basement to pull out Vinny's baby clothes.  While I was organizing Leo's closet I looked over to see this happening. 

And then I melted into a huge puddle. The way Leo is watching Vinny makes my heart flutter.

This week is pretty low key for us. I'm so glad for that since things around the house need to get done. This coming weekend marks the beginning of my busy season for photography so plan on soaking in my time with my babies before I'm glued to the computer. 

Why the Name?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Leo Christopher. 

When we told family and friends we named Leo, well Leo, we got a few raised eyebrows and questions. Like, "Why Leo?"  And, "Is it short for Leonardo?"

First, no. It's not short for Leonardo. It's just Leo. Plain, simple and easy.  

I'm not one to like popular names. Actually to be brutally honest, I despise popular names and made it a point to name my children non-popular names. You would never see me naming my child a name like Aidan, Olivia, Sofia, or Jackson. There's nothing wrong with those names and I have plenty of friends who have named their children those names. It's just not my style. 

Besides, working with the last name Naselli I wanted to ensure my kids had a somewhat Italian first name to correspond with their Italian last name. Because let's be real here, a Jackson Naselli sounds a little weird. 

The name Leo popped in my head months before giving birth. I liked it. It flowed with Naselli and sounded cool with Vinny.  There was no meaning or family history attached to it. I just liked it. and was happy it wasn't on the top 100 popular names list.

And, for the record, Leo wasn't inspired by watching the movie Titantic or any love I have for Leonardo DiCaprio. I promise. 

Leo's middle name, Christopher, is my husband's first name. Vinny's middle name, Marc, is my husband's middle name. So now both of my boys have a price of their daddy's name-which I love so much. 

Our Weekend

Chris left Friday night to go on his annual guys fishing trip in Canada.  We were super sad to see him go especially since I'm single parenting for a full 8 days.  I knew this would be a huge challenge - a 2 year old and a 6 week old all on my own with no family remotely close to come over and help out or give me a little 30 min break.  But I was ready for it.  More so to prove to myself I could do this.  I'm home with both kids all day long, so what's a few more hours a night?

Silly girl.  What a joke. 

Saturday morning started off with the realization that we had zero milk all while Vinny was begging for some.  Just a quick run to Target will cure that.  But really, what is quick about going to Target with two kids in tow?  Nothing.  Just getting out the door is a process and needs to be timed just right so Leo won't scream the whole time in the car or Target.  Thinking I had it all timed appropriately we  were on our way.  I failed.  Timing was all wrong and Leo screamed the entire time in Target.  A mom even came up to me to tell me "It gets better over time" and that "Nobody hears him crying." I know she was trying to be nice and all but I really could have punched her in the face.

Breakfast was had as soon as we got home.  While sitting on the couch feeding Leo, Vinny came over to us and threw up his said breakfast all over me, Leo, the couch and carpet.  I was petrified he had the stomach flu but thankfully he seemed fine afterwards.  Could you imagine the stomach flu while solo parenting for a week?

Two of my favorite girlfriends came over for pizza and wine.  It was great to have some extra hands in the house all while girl talking.  And the wine didn't disappoint. 

Sunday was a gorgeous day in MN which resulted in playing outside all day. That may have been our saving grace.  What are we going to do all day inside when the weather turns?  Someone remind me why we live in Minnesota where it's only nice for about 4 months out of the year?

Bedtime has been a pure shit show around here the past few nights.  Since Leo and Vinny go to bed around the same time it's been a struggle.  There have been tantrums, screaming, tears and more tears.  And it may not have been all of from Vinny or Leo.  But, last night was the easiest of the nights yet.  I can thank the Solly Baby Wrap for that.  Leo loves it so much and it allowed me to tend to Vinny's nightly routine without having the anxiety of listening to Leo cry whenever I put him down.  That, my friends, is a huge win. 

Yesterday was Monday and we had a friend come over for a visit.  Again, the extra hands were so much appreciated!  She even joined us for a trip to the post office only took 5 minutes and otherwise would have taken 20 if I had to bring both kids in with me. 

I'm hopeful the rest of the week goes well.  I'm definitely counting down the days until Chris is home.  And I plan on never letting him leave again ;)  Kidding.  Kinda.  Until then I'm going to cherish every second of nap times.

Leo in Photos

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The last 6 weeks in photos.

Leo - Month 1

Yes, I realize I just posted about his birth yesterday, but he's already one month old now!  Where does the time go?  Seriously, it feels like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital.  Time flies, and seems to fly a billion times faster when you have a toddler running around.

I'll be honest, the last 6 weeks have been slightly a blur.  Things are running together due to lack of sleep. 

Sleep. Let's start with that.  In the first few weeks Leo would wake around twice a night.  I'd change and feed him and put him back to sleep.  Normally this went smoothly.  Other nights Leo thought it was time to party and refused to go back to sleep.  Now, 6 weeks in, things have improved dramatically.  I set a nightly routine and am a firm believer that has made all the difference.  Our routine goes a little like this:

7:30 - Bath
7:45 - Jammy up
8:00 - Bottle
8:30 - Swaddle, rocked/bounced, crib

Leo normally wakes around 1:00/1:30, goes back down after he eats and wakes up again around 6:30.  I definitely cannot complain.  Only waking up once a night at 6 weeks is great!  I'm definitely loving my extra sleep these days!

I'm loving up all Leo's new baby rolls!  This kid loves to eat and it's definitely starting to show!  I keep reminding him that it's ok - now is the only time in his life where a double chin and extra rolls looks cute :) 

Despite Vinny and Leo looking so similar at birth, they are definitely their own little persons.  Leo hates the paci, screams whenever he needs to be changed and doesn't love his car seat.  It's fun watching the differences and similarities between these two.  I'm excited to watch Leo grow into his own person, but not too fast as I do love the baby stage!

It's a ... BOY!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We were so blessed with another beautiful boy!  On July 25th at 7:24 a.m. Leo Christopher Naselli joined our family and made us a family of 4!  Words cannot even express how much we love this little snug.

My c-section went incredibly well this time around.  I knew what to expect and I think that eased any nervousness I had.  It's weird having a planned c-section.  Being able to walk right into the OR this time and lie down on the operating table was a little odd and awesome all at once.   Having my makeup and hair done was pretty sweet.  No hot mess after hours of labor over here!

Recovery has been so much easier this time too.  I was up walking around and snapping pics hours after my c-section this time, which was unheard of with my c-section with Vinny.  My pain level was so much lower this time which meant I didn't need as much pain meds, being able to actually remember my recovery in the hospital this time.  With Vinny's c-section I was in so much pain and so drugged because of the pain that I barely remember much of my hospital stay. 

I couldn't wait to get home and start adjusting to a family of 4, but at the same time I was petrified to leave the hospital.  In the hospital there are less worries, you feel safe, can sleep when needed and most importantly, you have room service.  At home you are on your own.  And this time - with 2 kids.  Thankfully my in-laws were staying with us to help out for a while, but it still makes leaving the hospital scary in my book.

Leo is now 5 weeks old and we all are doing great.  Having 2 kids at home is no joke.  My free time has become non-existent, hence taking me so long to construct this post.  But, I love it nonetheless.  I'm so lucky to be able to spend every waking hour with these two boys.  I feel so blessed and am cherishing this time with my little family of FOUR!

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