Weeks 31 - 38

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hello blog!  I've abandoned you, once again.  Instagram has really killed this blog.  It's so much easier to document/post life events there than to actually compose a blog post these days.  So, if anyone even reads this blog anymore, feel free to follow along on Instagram :: court5

So since I'm sooooo overdue on posting my weekly belly pics, I'm dumping weeks 31-38 all in one post. Ready, GO.

Today marks week 38.  This time next week we will be in the hospital snuggling our newest member to the Naselli family!  I'm so anxious to find out if that will be a little miss or little mister.  I have my prediction, and it's so fun to hear what everyone else thinks along with their reasoning.  I'm 100% happy with either gender.  I don't play favorites.  Another boy would bring me so much joy as I know what to expect with a boy, have so many cute clothes to reuse, and would melt over having a brother for Vinny to play trucks and legos with.  And a girl would also be fantastic.  Although I am nervous to have a girl, being that I'm not a girly girl, don't love the color pink and have no idea what I'm in for with a girl.  The thought of having one of each appeals to me and I do have a few headbands that I purchased .. just in case .. that I'm crazy about.  Either way, my heart will be full and I'm excited to see what God has dealt us.  I pray for health, and that's all. 

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Joi said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see what you have and I LOVE your outlook on the gender!


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