23 Weeks

Friday, April 4, 2014

How far along?  23 weeks

Maternity clothes?
  With feeling (and looking) so much bigger this time around, it's enviable.  I do still wear some shirts/cardigans that aren't maternity.  I tried wearing a pair of my black skinny work pants to work this week and was so uncomfortable, so I'll be sticking to maternity pants for sure from now on.

Stretch marks?
  Surprisingly even after my 9 lb 1 oz baby the first time - not a mark!

Yes please!  I'd love a little more of it, but I'll take it while I can get it.

Best moment this week:
  One of our venders at work brought in cupcakes today.  I call that a best moment. 

Miss Anything?
  Warm weather, sunshine, flip flops.  You know, the things that Minnesotans don't have for a good 6 months of out the year. 

  The kicks and punches are non-stop.  So either we have a baby who doesn't like to sleep, or the next karate kid is in my belly.

Food cravings:
  Sweets (cupcakes mainly), burritos and milk.  In that order too, please.

Anything making you queasy or sick:

  I love the mystery!

Labor Signs:

Belly Button in or out?
  Semi in, semi out.  You can't see it through my shirts yet, but it's bound to happen here shortly!

Wedding rings on or off?
  On.  Well, kinda.  Yesterday and today my hands have been really swollen so I've taken them off half way through my day.  I was SUPER swollen when I was pregnant with Vinny, and I'm surprised I held out this long.

Happy or Moody most of the time: 

Looking forward to: 
My hour and a half prenatal massage tomorrow afternoon.  With my siatic nerve hurting daily and the stress of my day job - it's more than needed.  

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Cora @ Ren and Boots said...

I can relate on the whole swollen thing, my rings were off at 28 weeks this time (don't get me wrong I jammed them on for a good 6 weeks before that). You look great!



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