My 1 Year Old

Monday, August 26, 2013

Yep, I have a one year old. 

I can't even believe it. 

I no longer have to refer to Vinny's age in months, but rather in years.

I've decided to do yearly birthday letters to Vinny.  I'm going to hand write them, seal them in an envelope, tied with a ribbon and keep them in a fireproof safe until his 18th birthday.  Maybe 21st.  Maybe when he gets married.  I don't know the exact time I'll actually give them to him.  But when I do, he'll have at least 18 years worth of handwritten letters from me.

Here is an insert to his first birthday letter:

"Over the last year you taught me a new kind of love. Deep, steadfast, overwhelming love. I wake up each day, look at you, and still can’t believe that you are mine, ours, to keep.  Forever.  You, Vinny, make me the happiest.  I am so blessed to be your mommy."

{All of Vinny's mothly photos can be found HERE}

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