11 Months

Friday, August 9, 2013

Have I really not blogged since Vinny's 10 month photo?  Yep.  It's true.  Yikes.  Thank you instagram for killing my blog.

So this is what I'm working with at 11 months. 

Gah. I melt. 
I do have to say I'm so proud of myself to snap this photo without any help from the hubs this month.  These monthly photos have been a 2 person job lately due to Vinny not sitting still at all.  I basically had to stand on my head while making monkey sounds to get this photos.  So worth it.  1 more left and then I'm done with my monthly photos.  It's going to be so bittersweet. 

(view all of Vinny's monthly photos HERE)
Vinny is cruising around like crazy.  He will walk holding just one hand, but has yet to let go and give walking a whirl for himself.  I feel like it's bound to happen here shortly.  He loves his food and eats anything we put in front of him. He's obsessed with books, lights, balls and fans and proceeds to point them out to us wherever we are.  The most amazing thing is that he knows what I'm saying.  I can tell him to go put his shoes on and he goes in our mud room and sits down waiting for me to help with his shoes.  I don't know why this is so fascinating to me.  Maybe because in my mind he's still a 3 month old who doesn't know what I'm saying.  It's so amazing how much he changes and grows daily.  I wish I could pause time. 
I'm in full birthday party planning mode.  Let's first off say that I'm not a party planner.  I don't do this regularly and probably have thrown 3 parties my entire life.  None quite as significant as a first birthday party.  So the end result of this party should be interesting.
I want to make sure Vinny's party is perfectly him.  So I'm hosting a "You are my Sunshine" birthday party.  Why a You are my Sunshine party you ask?  Two reasons.  The first thing I purchased for Vinny's nursery (back when I had no idea if Vinny was a Vinny or not) was this: 

And also because it's our song.  I have sung You are My Sunshine to him every night since the day he was placed in my arms.  So, it's only appropriate to have a You are My Sunshine party.  My house is going to look like a sun threw up all over it.  So, so much yellow and orange.  I'm so thankful for my my mother in law coming up from Chicago next week to stay with us for 2 weeks prior to his bday party.  She's going to be such a huge help! 

And now I'm off to work scour pinterest for the millionth time gathering more decorating and party planning ideas.

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Joi said...

I am so pumped to see his bday pics! Wish we could come!


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