10 Months

Monday, July 15, 2013

We might be just shy of his 11 month mark, but hey, he's still considered 10 months.  I can't even believe we got this monthly photo.  Between traveling, major meltdowns when the camera comes out and Vinny just not EVER sitting still, this was somewhat of a miracle.  And not to mention he's holding the dang chalkboard!  I melt. 


He keeps looking less and less like a baby!  I can't even take it. 

So at 10 months he's all over the place.  Sitting still is not something he does anymore.  He's either up walking around furniture or chasing Tiko with his push toys.  He's obsessed with lights and always points them out to me wherever we are.  And balls.  Whatever you do, do not take away his ball.  You'd think someone was hurting him if you did - ahhh the screams! 

He is all about his sippy cup now.  He basically only gets a bottle at night anymore.  Which is so nice.  I can't tell you how much I hate cleaning bottles.  He says "bbbahh" for ball, can show you where his hair is, mastered clapping, has the scrunch face of the cutest kid ever and double fists anything he eats.  I also might need to enter him in the fastest eating hot dog contest.  Kid loves his dogs. 
{Click here to see all of Vinny's monthly photos}

Reality Check

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm home from a lovely 2 weeks spent with family in hot, humid Florida (my hair hates Florida fyi).  It was so nice to get away.  Even nicer to not have to go to a day job that I hate everyday.  And the best was I got to be with Vinny 24/7.  However, we missed Chris and Tiko like crazy.  Chris was in Canada on his annual fishing trip so he couldn't make the trip with us.  But with an exuberant amount of photos and videos I sent him daily, he practically felt like he was with us. 

It's back to reality now.  Altho I do love me some vacation, I love coming home even more.  There's not like your family, your own bed and a routine in my book. 

I have well over 1,500 photos uploaded from our trip.  Way too many favorite memories and images captured to count.  I've never loved being behind the camera as much as I did over the last 2 weeks.  I've decided I want to be a professional vacation photographer when I grow up.  Hired to come on your vacation with you and document it.  {dreaming}

Here's a peek at some vacation fun.  If you follow me on instagram {court5}, then you've already seen most of these.




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