9 Months In, 9 Months Out

Thursday, June 6, 2013

9 months.  9 months in the oven.  9 months out of the oven.

One word.  Bittersweet.

Remember when I said monthly photos are getting harder?  Harder is an understatement.  There were a lot of sweat and tears to get this month's photo.  And not just from Vinny.  All I keep telling myself is that I have only 3 more of these photos left.  Part of me can't wait to be done, and then there's the part where I can't even believe I'll have a 1 year old on my hands.  Again, bittersweet.

I've never documented Vinny's monthly stats on the blog.  Looking back I'm a little sad I didn't.  High five to all you blog mamas that do it.  I'm also 4 months behind in his baby book.  Go figure.  Mom fail. 

We were at the doctor this week for his 9 month check up.  His doctor told me that he's absolutely perfect.  Duhhh.  Clearly.  I didn't need a doctor's appointment to be told that.

So, here's what I'm working with now.  Weighing in at 19 lbs 11 oz, he's on the move.  Whether he's army crawling at top speeds or practically running behind his walk behind toys, the boy can't be stopped.  I love every bit of it.  He prefers to be on his feet than his butt.  He absolutely loves to stand and walk.  And dance.  I taught him all my dances moves.  It seems that all those drunken nights at the bars dancing like a fool has paid off.  The boy knows how to shake it and drop it low. 

Vinny's in love with Tiko.  He looks for him constantly and laughs uncontrollably when Tiko kisses him.  They are really becoming best buddies.  Wherever Vinny is, Tiko is always nearby.  And I couldn't be happier about that.  When I was pregnant, I was super nervous about how Tiko would be with Vinny.  Obviously I have nothing to worry about.  As long as Vinny keeps sneaking Tiko puffs, I think they'll always be buds. 

{To see all of Vinny's monthly photos click here.}

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Cora said...

He is just too cute for words! And no worries, I stopped writing in Jaren's baby book when he was like 4 months old! Have a great weekend!


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