Don't Blink

Friday, March 8, 2013

While I was pregnant with Vinny I read every pregnancy blog I could get my fingers on.  Mamas sharing their personal journey of pregnancy, their birth stories and their beautiful babies.  All were different.  All were unique.  The one common thread that stood out in my mind was all of the mamas saying it goes so fast.  So fast.  "Cherish every moment with your baby.  You will blink and they will be one."

I know the days go fast.  The weeks start flying by one by one.  The months whiz right by us.  But I didn't really realize it until it was my turn to be a mama. 

The blogging mamas out there are 110% right.  It goes fast.  SO fast. 

This post wasn't intentional.  I had no intentions of writing up a post like this.  Today I was searching my iphone for a pic taken months ago.  I was going through all of my iphone pics of Vinny and it literally brought me to tears.  He is six months old right now.  SIX MONTHS people.  The pics of him during the first few weeks of life made huge crocodile tears pour out of my eyes.  He was so little.  Even being born at 9 pounds, 1 ounce - he was so little. 

So, join me.  A little trip down memory lane...



This is embarrasing...
Last belly shot before my water broke.







LacyLouise said...

This is amazing!!! LOVE:)

Cora said...

Hi there! I nominated your little gem of a blog for the blogger Liebster Award! Go to my latest post at for details! I hope you participate :)


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