Shredded & Ripped

Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Monday I started level 3 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  Gah.  It's ridiculous.  I mean, jumping jacks with weights?  Is she trying to kill me? 

I'll be honest, I don't love level 3.  And not because it's hard.  I can do hard.  I'm not scared of hard.  I actually welcome hard.  Maybe it's boring to me?  So I have "phoned it in"  a few times like Jillian recommends we don't do.  I'm to the point where I'm over it. 

I didn't take a before photo.  I'm certain you don't want to see my post-baby stomach.  But, I can tell that I'm shrinking.  I'm getting stronger.  I feel stronger.  My arms are more defined.  My stomach is getting firmer. 

Since I knew I was over the Shred, I started Jillian's Ripped in 30 on Tuesday. 

It was a good choice.  I enjoy this workout a billion times more than the Shred.  Granted, I'm only on week 1.  Maybe it's because the exercises are different and it's something new.  Whatever it is, it's keeping my attention and I actually look forward to pressing play.

Today my legs, arms and abs are so sore.  Thank you Jillian for kicking my butt when all I want to do is punch you in the throat.  I am going to take before pics tonight.  Once my body transforms into Jillian's in 4 weeks I'll post my before and after pics for all to ogle at. 

7 Months and a Schedule

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last weekend Vinny turned 7 months  Month 6 whizzed right by me. Just when I got comfortable saying his was 6 months old, BAM, 7 months happened.

You can see Vinny's month to month growth here

I received a few emails asking what Vinny's daily schedule looks like.  So, here you go!

During the week I wake him up at 5:50 a.m.  He gets a 6 ounce bottle, we get dressed and ready for daycare school and I drop him off at 6:30 a.m.

While at school he stays on a schedule of having a 6 ounce bottle every 4 hours.  In between those bottles he either eats a fruit, veggie or cereal. 

I scoop him up from school around 3:30/4:00 and we head home.  I change into my workout clothes, change Vinny out of the clothes he wore to school because they are usually dirty from getting messy eating or doing whatever art project was on the schedule for the day.  Then we play together until Chris comes home.  Or depending on how long he slept at school, he takes a short nap while I pick up the house and do laundry.

We usually eat dinner around 5:45/6:00.  Vinny has a fruit or veggie along with some puffs.  I'll also mash up whatever it is we are eating and give him some.  Then at 6:30 it's bath time.  This kid loves his baths and could probably sit in there for an hour playing if he wouldn't get cold or shrivel up like a prune.  After his bath we "jammy up", read a book or two, dim the lights, and I give him a 7 ounce bottle in his room.  He normally passes right out as soon as he finishes his bottle, but I like to hold him for a bit while rocking him.  I place him in his crib, turn on his humidifier and noise machine and close the door.

I put him to bed without his paci in his mouth, but leave it in his crib in case he wakes up and wants it.  He's a rockstar at finding that damn thing.  I have a feeling weaning him off it might be tough.  He sleeps through the night all the time and has since he was a little over 3 months.

I workout in the basement from 8-9, shower and head to bed.  Wake up and repeat.

We established a bedtime routine when Vinny was 3 months old.  We used to start our routine a little later and found that Vinny was just too tired and crabby when bath time rolled around.  So starting our bedtime routine at 6:30 has worked out much better.  Some days, depending on Vinny's mood, we start our routine at 7:00.  But never later than 7:00.

So there you have it.  My suggestion to new moms is to start a bedtime routine early and stick with it.  Consistency is huge!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

The first thing I do when I get home from picking up Vinny from daycare school is change into my comfy/workout clothes.  I set him on his floor in his room with some toys, change and then play with him until the hubs gets home from work. 
Yesterday as I was walking away from him to change, I looked back and saw this.

I grabbed my camera, snapped a few pics, and then felt my heart ache.

Being a working mama is hard.  Nobody tells you how hard it actually is or all the emotions you will go through once you go back to work from your maternity leave.  You just have to live it and feel it.

Yesterday as I stood watching my little boy play contently, sitting up on his own, all by himself in his room made my heart ache and yearn to be home with him 24/7.  Wishing I could be able to catch these little moments everyday of the week.  Wishing to be the one to put him down for his naps.  Wishing to be the one to feed him lunch daily.  Wishing to sit in front of a mirror with him and crack each other up with our silly faces at 10:00 a.m.  These are the days I wish I could be that mom for Vinny.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So sad Google Reader is going away.  I would hate for you to miss out on all my super exciting posts. 

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Liebster Award

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you Cora at Little Baby Seed for nominating me for the the blogger Liebster Award!  I've never been nominated for anything.  Well, other than changing a dirty diaper.  So when I got her email, I just about peed myself with excitement. 

So, here are the rules:
  1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger has set up for you and then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you are passing the award to.
  3. Choose new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post.
  4. Go back to their page and let them know you have nominated them!
  5. No tag backs.

11 Random Facts About Myself:

1.  When I was pregnant with Vinny, gum made me gag.  I could only chew it for literally 3 seconds.  To this day it still makes me gag.

2.  I shower at night, lay out my clothes for the next day and even lay out my makeup in the order I put it on every night for the following day.  Sounds silly but it's the only way I can get up, get Vinny and myself ready and out the door in the morning in less than 25 mins.

3.  I wash my hair twice a week.  Some call this gross.  I call this genius.

4.  I'm addicted to all things stripes and chevron.

5.  My biggest fear is dying alone in a plane crash. 

6.  I use Proactiv religiously.  When my Gram passed away, 5.5 years ago, my face and back broke out like nobody's business.  I attribute it to stress.  But my acne remained over a month after her funeral so I tried Proactiv to clear it up.  It worked like a charm and to this day I continue to use it in fear of my acne coming back.

7.  I have a fear of leaving my flat iron on in the morning and have been known to turn after being more than half way to work to go home and double check. 

8.  I refuse to watch scary movies.  When a commercial for a scary movie comes on I have to either leave the room or close my eyes. 

9.  I hate drinking water and had a really hard time forcing myself to drink bottle after bottle while pregnant.

10.  I secretly cannot wait to be pregnant again.  Which baffles me since I hated being pregnant with Vinny.

11.  The smell, sight, taste and thought of meatloaf makes me vomit.

11 Questions from Cora and My Answers:

1.  What is your TV guilty pleasure?  CSI Miami.  I could watch marathon reruns for hours days. 

2.  What was the inspiration behind your child's name?  Before I even conceived Vinny, the hubs and I always joked around about having a boy named Vinny.  Because the name Vinny Naselli is such a bad ass Italian name.  Right?  After months and months of joking around about it, we started to actually really like it.  And then I got pregnant.  Since we didn't find out if we were having a girl or boy, we kept calling the baby Vinny.  There was a point where I even mentioned to the hubs that if by chance we have a girl, we'd have to call her Vinny because we became so used to that name.  And low and behold, we had a boy.  His legal name is Vincent Marc, but I can count on my hands the number of times he's been called Vincent.  He's sooooo a Vinny.  Marc is the hubs' middle name.

3.  If you had 24 hours alone, how would you spend it?
Oh my.  24 hours alone?  This is what dreams are made of.  There's so much I'd do.  But the first thing that pops into my mind is go to Target with Starbucks in hand and spend a nice chunk of time cruising the isles, touching everything.  Then I would go home and reorganize my closet.  This is a task that I have been wanting to do for months but never have the time!  Then I would top off my 24 hour stint with a pedicure.  And a massage. 

4.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you reside?
A quaint beachy town on a small island where I would live in an over water bungalow.  Duhhh.

5.  What has been your best moment thus far as a mom?
Oh gosh, this is tough.  There are many.  One the gets me every time is just walking into the room and seeing Vinny's face light up as he kicks his legs and flaps his arms like a bird in excitement.  It warms my heart and puts the biggest smile on my face. 

6.  What inspired you to begin blogging (if it's another blog, please share!)?
I started a blog long ago and blogged about everyday ramblings, shopping, etc.  But unfortunately a crazy stalker started posting some creepy stuff on my blog and I shut it down.  I then gave blogging a whirl again when I became pregnant with Vinny and luckily haven't inherited any crazy stalkers.

7.  iPhone or Droid?

8.  What is your favorite brand of clothing to dress your little one in?
I'm a loyal Gap shopper.  I just love their stuff and everything fits Vinny so perfectly.  I've been trying to expand my horizons on other brands but, with a Gap located in the building I work in, convenience kicks in. 

9.  What is currently in your diaper bag?
My wallet which should be in my purse.  This is going to make purchasing lunch tricky today...

10.  What is the best dish you make?
I make a mean bowl of Lucky Charms.  No joke.

11.  What is one item you can't live without?
Mascara.  I refuse to leave the house without it. 

I give the Liebster Award to ... drum roll please ....
Bringing Up BeBe
The Swanky Southern Yankee
Devin & Becca & Chloe

Here are my 11 questions to them:
1.  Sweet or salty?
2.  Your favorite vacation destination?
3.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
4.  What is your biggest fear about being a mom?
5.  Your favorite place to shop for your clothing?
6.  How many kids do you want to have?
7.  If you could meet any blogger in real life, who would it be?
8.  Favorite male and female celebrity?
9.  If you had an extra 3 hours a day, how would you spend them?
10. Your best piece of advice for an expecting mom?
11. If you could pick one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

And posts just aren't fun unless a picture is attached.

Don't Blink

Friday, March 8, 2013

While I was pregnant with Vinny I read every pregnancy blog I could get my fingers on.  Mamas sharing their personal journey of pregnancy, their birth stories and their beautiful babies.  All were different.  All were unique.  The one common thread that stood out in my mind was all of the mamas saying it goes so fast.  So fast.  "Cherish every moment with your baby.  You will blink and they will be one."

I know the days go fast.  The weeks start flying by one by one.  The months whiz right by us.  But I didn't really realize it until it was my turn to be a mama. 

The blogging mamas out there are 110% right.  It goes fast.  SO fast. 

This post wasn't intentional.  I had no intentions of writing up a post like this.  Today I was searching my iphone for a pic taken months ago.  I was going through all of my iphone pics of Vinny and it literally brought me to tears.  He is six months old right now.  SIX MONTHS people.  The pics of him during the first few weeks of life made huge crocodile tears pour out of my eyes.  He was so little.  Even being born at 9 pounds, 1 ounce - he was so little. 

So, join me.  A little trip down memory lane...



This is embarrasing...
Last belly shot before my water broke.






Shredding and Going Strong

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I did it.  I made it through an entire week of my 30 Day Shred.  There were a few days where I didn't think that would actually happen.  And there were a few days where I just didn't want to.  Luckily the workout is only 20 minutes and that is what keeps me going.  Who can't spare 20 minutes out of their day?  I don't want to half the time, but once I complete my workout I am always refreshed and so glad that I got it over with.  The hubs set me all up in the basement so I can jump, squat and crunch til my heart's desire with nobody watching.  (I secretly hated when the hubs would watch me jump around like a lunatic in front of the tv.)

I did not take a before photo - I totally should have.  But, I can tell there has been a change and difference in my body in just one week.  I feel stronger and more fit.  My stomach is changing.  There is a lot of change that still needs to happen, but it's a start.  It's better now than it was a week ago and that, my friends, is a victory in my book.  One step closer to putting on a bikini.

Jillian is annoying as hell.  So if you intend on doing any of her videos, mute her ass and crank up the tunes. 

I did however skip yesterday's workout because I was too busy capturing this...

Did you melt into a little puddle beneath your computer like I just did?  This boy.  Oh this boy.  I could stare at this photo forever.

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