If All Else Fails, Shred It

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If you asked me when I was pregnant what my body would look like 6 months postpartum, I would have easily said the way it did prior to getting pregnant.  Duhh.   I've watched friend after friend drop the lbs so easily and return to their pre-baby weights.  Some even are skinnier and lighter than before they were pregnant.  I truly didn't think I'd have any problems.

Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong. 

The weight did not fall off for me like my friends.  I rocked my maternity jeans for weeks months after giving birth.  I hated that I still looked pregnant months after having Vinny.  I'm sure people looked at me thinking "that poor girl is pregnant again, ALREADY?!"

I purchased a body slimmer and wore it religiously.  I don't know if I can attribute my stomach shrinking because of the body slimmer or not, but I can say it gave me a lot more self-confidence when I wore it.  I no longer "jiggled" and that, my friends, was the best feeling in the world. 

I blamed my c-section for so long.  I kept thinking if I didn't have to have an emergency c-section and had Vinny naturally that I would be skinnier.  The weight would have melted off like it did for my friends.  But, after weeks of self pity, I came to the realization that was not the case at all.  My c-section was not the culprit of me not losing the lbs.  Nor was my emergency appendix removal 4 weeks after having Vinny.  I wasn't where I hoped to be because I haven't done anything about it. 

Until now.  Better late than never.

I'd like to point out that right now I'm happy with my body except for my stomach.  It's not as flat and definitely isn't as tight as I hoped it would be by now.  It doesn't jiggle like it used to, but it also isn't pretty to look at.  And I no longer look pregnant -- HUGE plus.  But I'm no where to feeling confident in a bikini.  And since I just booked a girls trip to Arizona for the beginning of May, I need to get myself bikini ready stat. 

So.  In order to be bikini ready in 2 months I started working out this week.  I've always been a huge Jillian Michaels advocate. Even when I want to punch her in the face when she gives me the whole "pain is weakness leaving your body" line.  The girl's workouts really do work and my body has always responded quickly to them.  The 30 Day Shred is easily one of my favorite Jillian videos which also gives me fast results.

I started it this week and to say I'm sore is an understatement.  This stomach will soon look like Jillian's in no time.  I can barely walk up and down stairs and when I laugh my stomach feels like someone is poking it with needles.  But it's all for the greater good.  I will get my stomach back to where it was prior to Vinny.

 Just in time to get pregnant again...

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LacyLouise said...

Ive heard amazing things about Shred It- I planning on starting too


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