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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As I said previously, I'm addicted to Instagram.  I love documenting life with photos.  LOVE.  I can't tell you how much I love and cherish the photos I take with my iphone.  If I lost them all, I seriously would need to be admitted to a padded room for a while.  Which reminds me... I need to back those puppies up again!

Anyways, a while back I discovered the Afterglow App.  Seconds after downloading it I was in heaven.  It has turned into the only photo and image editor I use.  I actually deleted the rest from my phone.  Afterglow is jammed packed with editing goodness.  You can adjust the exposure and brightness, sharpen, add pretty filters (ten times better than Insta's filters) and even upload you edited photo directly to social media (INSTAGRAM!!)  It's like a mini photoshop that lives in my phone.  Genius. 

Here's a little sample of the Afterglow goodness.

Top Right: Original
Top Left: Olive filter
Bottom Left: Frost filter
Bottom Right: Ash filter
If you haven't already downloaded Afterglow, I suggest you do.  It's been the best 99 cents I have spent.  Ever.  Then come over and follow me on Instagram so you can get your daily dose of Vinny pictures. 


LacyLouise said...

downloaded:) thanks for the info!

Anne said...

I loveeeeee learning about new apps! Especially photo ones. And following you on Insta...NOW!!

Joi said...

Thanks for the rec, C!


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