Monday, January 21, 2013

1)  It's cold in Minnesota today.  Like really, really cold.

Yep, that's a negative nine.  I bundled up so tightly this morning that I could barely turn my head while driving to check my blind spot.

2)  Remember when I chopped my hair and loved it so much?  Yea, I'm over it.  Soooo over it.  And now I will do anything to make it grow back.  Tips and tricks anyone?

3)   I'm counting the hours until I'm home, in my comfy clothes, sitting on the couch with my man & Vinny, watching The Bachelor.  I don't love this season.  But with 2 episodes already under my belt I feel too far invested to call it quits now.

4)  I need to find a new stylist.  And just typing that makes me shudder.  I hate changing stylists.  I have been with my current stylist for 5+ years.  I love her.  She's so easy to chat with and always gets my hair right.  She's knows what I like and what I want.  And eventho I couldn't have been more mad and frustrated with her for refusing to give me bangs, I'm so thankful.  She knew I'd regret it :)  Since moving I've always made the trek to see her.  However since having Vinny it's just too hard.  I need to find someone closer.  And it needs to be sooner vs. later since these roots are on the verge of being considered ombre.

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