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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2013!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year!  The first week of 2013 has been filled with lots of cleaning, purging and organizing. 

I'm not one to make resolutions.  In fact, each year I made them I never made it to the month of February without breaking one.  So I gave up making them many years ago. 

This year I thought I'd try again.  I can't guarantee I'll make it to 2014 without breaking one tho.  (Glass half empty, huh?)

1.  Utilize my Pinterest recipe board.  I'm not one to cook.  In fact, sometimes if C doesn't make dinner I'm pretty sure I'd live off cereal.  I want to be able to cook some of these super easy and scrumptious looking meals I've pinned.  So here's to spending more time in the kitchen (and even surprising the hubs!)

2.  Be more active.  I won't lie, since I've had Vinny I have not been as active as I should or would like to be.  Entertaining him all day while cleaning, running errands and working part-time takes a toll out of me.  Or maybe that's just an excuse I've created in my head.  But I'm determined to be more active in 2013, stronger, more fit and determined to see my 6 pack again. 

3.  Eat better.  Well isn't that a given on every one's resolution list?  I'm not going to put out there that I intend to eat nothing but healthy food because that would be broken pretty quick.  However, I want to make some lifestyle changes and choose healthier options.  Instead of grabbing the bag of sour cream and onion chips, grab an apple.  Seems easy, right? 

4.  Be a better wife, mother, daughter, friend and employee.  Pretty self-explanatory. 

5.  Wake up earlier to accomplish the things I need/want to.  On my days off I'm lazy.  I'll be the first to admit it.  I feel like just because I'm not going to the work that day it's ok for me to stay in bed until Vinny wakes up.  Vinny is like his mama, he likes to sleep.  Sometimes he doesn't wake up until 8:00.  Do you know what can be accomplished if I woke up a few hours before then?  So much.  This week I started setting my alarm for 6 a.m. on my days off.  I've accomplished workouts, laundry, straightening up the house, showering, making my bed, paying bills, catching up on emails and writing out my to do lists all before he makes a whimper.  Such a great feeling.

So there you have it.  My resolution list that I'm hoping to stick to.  So, tell me.  What's on your list of resolutions for 2013?

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LacyLouise said...

I wish I could get everything done at 6am on my days off.. Landon likes to chit chat at that time:)

Great goals lady


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