Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nowadays I feel like every post I type is 'MishMash'.  I let too many days go in between my posts so when I do get a chance to blog, I feel like I'm throwing all my thoughts into one post.  I will get better ... or so I hope. 

  • I spent 30 minutes in my closet today trying on things to find something, anything, to wear to work today.  I'm not happy with what I selected.  It's one of those days where even a new shirt wouldn't do the trick.  I think I'm going to hide out behind my desk all day.

  • Vinny no longer needs to be swaddled at night to sleep.  It's all so bittersweet to me.  Now when I check the monitor he's always sleeping soundly on his side.  He's officially a side sleeper, just like his mama. 

  • I ordered my first pair of real leather riding boots yesterday (thank you Macy's friends and family discount).  This is huge people.  I have a plethora of boots in my closet.  None of which are real leather.  It's weird.  Or maybe I'm just kinda cheap?  Regardless, I'm excited for them to arrive on my doorstep.  There's something about real leather boots that officially make me feel like an adult. 

  • Which brings me to my next thought.  We have family photos scheduled for this weekend and I haven't even put thought into our outfits yet.  Normally I have these things planned weeks in advance.  I am at a loss as to what colors I'd like us to wear.  Do I want us to be super casual?  Dress up a tad?  Sport some heels?  Keep it simple with boots?  I just don't know.  This is where my indecisiveness kicks in.  I have 5 days to get it together. 

  • Hair day is tomorrow and it can't come soon enough.  I'm easily 3 weeks overdue.  Being a mama makes getting to the salon a lot trickier these days.  It was easy to bring Vinny with me when he was a newborn and slept the entire time.  But now that he's awake the majority of the day I don't think he would appreciate sitting through my hair appointment.  My roots quite possibly two inches long.  Good thing ombre is in style right now.

  • C&I have an appointment to tour a daycare by our house this week.  Hold me.  Tightly!  C has been working from home and staying with Vinny the 3 days I go into the office.  But we know that will eventually need to come to an end.  And sadly, probably sooner than we would like.  All of our neighbors take their children to the daycare we are touring so, if we like it, Vinny would have some familiar faces while at daycare.  Which oddly makes things a tad easier. 

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LacyLouise said...

I need a hair day asap too! Its been almost 4 months woooops, hello free ombre lol


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