Part-Time Mama

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well. It's going to happen. And soon. I will be able to go back to work on a part-time basis (3 days a week), keeping my medical and dental benefits. That's great news, right? If you asked me that questions 2 days ago, I would say absolutely. But, today, now that reality has set in, I'm a puddle of tears.

I don't want to leave Vinny to go back to work-even if it is part-time. I know I should be thankful that he will not be in daycare but with his daddy while I'm at work. But the fact of matter is that he won't be with me. And that pretty much is killing me. I know C will do a great job with him while I'm at work. And that's not even an issue. My issue is that I won't be with Vinny and do our day to day things together. It hurts and makes me sadder than I ever imagined it would.

BUT I want a paycheck. And unfortunately my firm isn't going to pay me to stay home and take care of my baby. So I have to go back. I just wish it wasn't this hard emotionally.


Jess said...

Hey girl! Just found your blog and can totally identify. I just had my first-a baby boy in Oct-and have to go back to work part-time on Nov. 27th. I never thought that I would have to go look for a nanny, but thats what we had to do for the same reasons you mentioned above.

Hang in there and if you ever want to vent just email me! I'll vent along with ya. :)

LacyLouise said...

Oh noo!!! I feel your pain momma! I have to admit I was excited to get back to work but now that Im here its a huge adjustment and Im full time! Your so lucky its part time!!

And your baby isnt to bad himself:) what a looker!!!


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