Saturday, November 3, 2012

I still haven't heard back from my office manager on if I can come back part-time, with benefits. I suspect the answer will not be in my favor.

I'm single parenting this weekend as C is deer hunting. Poor Bambi. I hate that he hunts. But it's something that he lives for each year. I'm sure he can say he hates that I shop. Or goes to Starbucks too much.

Speaking of single parenting - I had a horrible night last night. Normally Vinny is such a good sleeper (like his mommy) and either gets up once or sleeps through the night. Pretty sure he was up every hour last night. It may have been his worst night yet. I'm hoping this was a fluke. Regardless, Starbucks is in my very near future.

With the hubs gone this weekend I will find myself at Old Navy cashing in my super cash and stocking up on some new clothes. I haven't been shopping for non-maternity clothes in over a year. It's time. Even if body isn't 100% back to normal.

I may or may not have eaten an entire pizza by myself last night. It was only 10 inches - relax.

I can't decide what I need worse right now. A pedicure or my brows waxed. This having a baby thing has limited my salon visits.

Vinny can't stop smiling. It literally melts my heart.

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