Itty Bitty Little Bit of Progress

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At my doctor's appointment on Monday I went feeling not too optimistic that I've made any progress in the last week  But my doctor informed me that I actually have made an itty bitty little bit of progress.  I'm dilated to a ... wait for it ... a ONE!!  I know, I know, no big deal but it's something coming from not being dilated at all last week.  And I'm 50% effaced and I'm starting to drop.  This is good.  Although it is not a lot - I'll take it.  Now I know I can walk around like this for weeks so I'm not getting too excited.  I'm just happy to hear I am making progress.

I know I still have 18 days til my due date but I'm really hoping I go early.  I know it's unlikely to go into labor this week but I've been praying to the labor gods to throw me a bone.  I've said it before - I'm so miserable.  Everything I do seems like such a process.  From getting ready for work in the morning to the simplest tasks like bending over and pulling the laundry out of the washer.  I now understand why women take a week or so off before their due date.  I used to think what on earth would I do with all that time off before my due date.  But now I can guarantee that I would fill it with resting, trying to sleep, enjoying me & C's last few days of being just the two of us and even getting some things around the house done.  If this week keeps going as crappy as it has, I may make the 15th my last day at work.  I never wanted to be a wimp and say this, but it is just getting to be too much and too exhausting.

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