38 Weeks, Stripped & Ready

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here's a little update since I clearly haven't updated the blog in a little while. 

I'm 38 weeks, 4 days pregnant as of today.  Baby is the size of a ... wait for it ... pumpkin!  Holy moly.  That seems so huge to me.  Granted, this is why I look like a beach ball. 

Sadly, I have stopped taking weekly pictures.  At this point it just seems silly.  There's not much change since I think I'm as big as I'll get at this point. 

At my doctor's appointment yesterday she said I've dropped some more - yay!  However I'm still dilated at a 1.  I was hoping to have made a little more progress, but it is what it is.  I'm measuring right on track and she feels the baby and I are ready.  She stripped my membranes and told me labor could start in 12, 24, 72 hours or not at all.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  BUT she did say that she hopes see me at the hospital this weekend.  Which would be so awesome.  So far I feel the same.  I had a little cramping yesterday and this morning but nothing excruciating.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this worked and labor will be here before I know.  Altho I do realize it's a 50/50 shot. 

If the stripping didn't work, then I will have it done again on Tuesday and set a date for possible induction.  It's crazy to think I could have the baby this weekend or next.  Things are getting really REAL people. 

I feel ready.  I'm so ready to meet our son or daughter and to be a mom.  I can't wait to embark on this new chapter of our lives. 

As I was gathering my things to leave for work this morning, I found a note the hubs placed on my purse.  It was the sweetest.  It basically expressed how he knows what a great mom I'm going to be, that he's so excited (and maybe a little scared) to become a father, and that he can't wait to meet our son or daughter.  Tears everywhere.  Once I start crying I just can't stop.  This resulted in me being late to work because I had to fix my makeup.  The note is going in the baby book for sure :)

Tomorrow is my last day of work.  I planned on working up until I go into labor but with possibly going into labor this weekend, a mid afternoon doc appointment on Tuesday and possible induction next week, I've decided to call it quits after tomorrow.  It feels so surreal.  I have worked at this firm for over 10 years and have only been away for a two week stretch.  It's crazy to think I will be gone for 12 weeks. 

This weekend is our 6 year wedding anniversary.  6 years.  SIX!!!  Where has the time gone?  Our game plan is to hang out, enjoy the last few days of C&I being just C&I and go out to dinner.  I'm ordering the spiciest thing on the menu in hopes that  might help move things along :)  But with my doctor's last words stuck in my head "Hopefully I'll see you at the hospital this weekend" we might also be celebrating the birth of our son or daughter.  Fingers crossed!

With all the soon to be changes in our household in the next week or so I've been trying my hardest to pay a little extra attention to Tiko.  Extra treats and belly rubs have been a must.  Lately he just seems so sad.  I think he might know something is up.  Just look at him :(

Itty Bitty Little Bit of Progress

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At my doctor's appointment on Monday I went feeling not too optimistic that I've made any progress in the last week  But my doctor informed me that I actually have made an itty bitty little bit of progress.  I'm dilated to a ... wait for it ... a ONE!!  I know, I know, no big deal but it's something coming from not being dilated at all last week.  And I'm 50% effaced and I'm starting to drop.  This is good.  Although it is not a lot - I'll take it.  Now I know I can walk around like this for weeks so I'm not getting too excited.  I'm just happy to hear I am making progress.

I know I still have 18 days til my due date but I'm really hoping I go early.  I know it's unlikely to go into labor this week but I've been praying to the labor gods to throw me a bone.  I've said it before - I'm so miserable.  Everything I do seems like such a process.  From getting ready for work in the morning to the simplest tasks like bending over and pulling the laundry out of the washer.  I now understand why women take a week or so off before their due date.  I used to think what on earth would I do with all that time off before my due date.  But now I can guarantee that I would fill it with resting, trying to sleep, enjoying me & C's last few days of being just the two of us and even getting some things around the house done.  If this week keeps going as crappy as it has, I may make the 15th my last day at work.  I never wanted to be a wimp and say this, but it is just getting to be too much and too exhausting.

Beach Ball

Friday, August 3, 2012

That's what I am comparing myself to at this point.  A beach ball.  I'm very round and I feel like I grow 2 inches outward overnight each night. 

When I had a cute little bump, people would just look at me and smile.  I'd get compliments on how tiny or how cute I looked.  I won't lie, I loved it!  Now it seems people look at me in fear that I'm going to deliver right in front of them.  The past week 3 strangers have either asked me when my due date was, or made a comment that I must be due soon.  I like to tell them I still have three months to go to see their reaction.  Their faces are always priceless.  It's the little things that get me through my days at this point. 

37 Weeks :: FULL TERM BABY!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I made it!  Our nugget is full term!  *happy dance*  I can safely deliver at any time from this point forward and feel good knowing that s/he is fully developed.  It's such a great feeling. 

So my appointment on Tuesday went well.  I got to see our nugget on the big screen and watch him/her squirm around in my belly.  I reminded the tech about not wanting to know the gender so I did have to turn away a few times.  I won't lie, it took everything in my power to not peek!  But I stayed strong and didn't see a thing. 

After my ultrasound I had my first internal exam.  Nobody prepared me for such a thing.  I seriously thought it was going to be no biggie and just feel like your annual exam.  Nope.  The internal exams hurt.  A lot.  Or maybe I'm just a wimp with a super low pain threshold?  In which case will make labor a scream fest.  I'm not looking forward to these exams once a week.  My doctor revealed that I haven't dropped yet.  Which I sorta knew since I still look so high and still am out of breath doing the simplest of things.  My lung space is so limited.  I'm not dilated at all, but my cervix is softening so that's a start.  I was secretly hoping she would tell me that I've dropped and am dilated.  Maybe next time?  Fingers crossed. 

In looking at the measurements taken on ultrasound and my doc pushing and contorting my stomach to ways I never thought was possible to get a good feel on the nugget, she's estimating that I will deliver a 8 1/2 pound baby.  Whoa.  Hearing that sounds so big to me for some reason.  The hubs was 8 1/2 pounds and I was 7 1/2.  So maybe s/he is taking after the hubs?  Or maybe my obsessions with root beer floats need to stop.  But the more I think about it the more I'm looking forward to a chunky 8 1/2 pounder.  I won't feel like I could break him/her! 

I totally forgot to take my weekly pics this morning so those will be posted either later today or tomorrow.  Trust me, you aren't missing much.  I look like a beachball. 

How far along:  37 weeks - FULL TERM!!!
Maternity Clothes?  I've been living in maxi dresses the past few weeks.  Love that most of them I've purchased haven't been maternity so I can wear them after s/he is here!
Stretch Marks?  Nope - so happy about this.
Sleep:  What's that?  No, seriously, I don't know.  I was up until 1 a.m. last night, slept for 3 hours, and then laid there watching the fan go around and around until my alarm finally went off.  I'm hurting today.  I can't wait to go home and nap ... or try to. 
Best Moment this Week:  Seeing our peanut on the big screen.
Miss Anything?  Sleep.
Movement:  All the time and loving it still.  Apparently there is still room in there to do his/her acrobatic tricks daily.
Food Cravings:  Ice.  I just can't.get.enough.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  No.
Gender:  I haven't the slightest idea.  Last Saturday C&I went out to lunch and our waitress said I'm "definitely having a girl".  One hour later while we were browsing for furniture our sales lady said she's "110% sure it's a boy". 
Labor Signs:  I am getting sharp pains very very low in my abdomen from time to time.
Belly Button in or out?  It's flat and poking out just a tad.
Wedding Rings on or off?  Off.  I seriously forgot what they look like at this point.
Happy or Moody Most of the Time:  I'm irritable, that's for sure!  I'm crabby, but don't mean to be.  I just feel so ready to be done and am uncomfortable that I'm definitely not the most pleasant person to be around.
Looking Forward to:  To something, anything, to indicate labor is around the corner.  I'm so anxious to meet our son/daughter!

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