Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wow.  I didn't realize horrible it would be today being at work while just about everyone else took the day off.  I have plenty of work to do but my motivation is nowhere to be found.  Normally I work so much better with nobody around but today is rough.  I knew I should have taken today and tomorrow off.  I suspect tomorrow to be another unproductive day at my desk. 

Having the 4th off was so so so nice.  With the temps over 100 and me being 33 weeks pregnant you can guarantee that I was not outside enjoying the day, watching fireworks or even lounging in a pool (which would have been awesome).  I stayed indoors all day, with the blinds shut to prevent the sun/heat from seeping in and worked on house stuff.  The hubs and I only left the house for a Home Depot and Dairy Queen run. 

Instead of wasting our day off by relaxing and hibernating in the AC we got a ton of house related things done.  Mainly things in the nursery.  I'm holding off on showing all the nursery details until my final nursery reveal post but I will share one piece of decor that I am seriously head over heels in love with.  My black and white striped curtains.

Seriously, I'm in love.  The curtains couldn't be any more "me".  And yes, I realize the nursery isn't really about me ... but in a way it kind of is.  I went back and forth for a while on whether I should do the stripes and in the end, I'm so glad I decided to have them made.  Favorite.nursery.decision.ever.

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