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Friday, June 1, 2012

I know it was a short week but it felt like such a long one for me.  My week is even shorter than everyone's since I started my summer hours at work today.  Every other Friday I can leave the office at 11:30.  How awesome is that?  I'm counting down the hours as I type.

I will be stopping by Home Depot on my way home today to pick up some paint swatches and samples.  I think I have found a shade of gray (crap, or is it grey?) that has no blue undertones in it.  I've seen some nurseries online painted this color and they look so good.  Or as good as a computer screen can convey.  Let's hope I get it right this time.  I've never had such a problem picking out a paint color in my life!  

In other house related news our surround sound is getting installed as I type.  I think it's C's favorite aspect of the house at the moment.  Just having music flowing through the house is going to be so nice.  Especially this summer and while entertaining.  I especially love the feature of having everything at our fingertips in the master bathroom.  Now I can finally drown out C's shower singing with some tunes!

Tomorrow our Direct TV will be installed.  Finally!  After 3 weeks of living without a TV we can finally connect to the world again.  It sounds so old and frumpy of me, but I cannot wait to watch the news tomorrow night!  You know you are getting old when you look forward to watching the news... Tonight however will be tacos and movie night.  Can't wait to watch our first movie in our new home (so cheesy, I know!) 

Tuesday our internet will be installed.  AMEN!  It's been such a pain not having the internet at home.  You can only do so much with your iphone and while at work.  I've been itching to get behind the computer and edit photos that have been sitting on my card for over a month!

This reminds me.  C&I fell off the wagon.  We did so good every Saturday with documenting my baby bump growth.  Somewhere in the mix of packing and moving we completely forgot to document my bump.  Do I pick it back up tomorrow or do I just throw the towel in at this point.  I'm so mad about this.  And I must say, C was getting pretty good at shooting in aperture priority! 

In nursery news, I'm feeling really good about my nursery design.  C will repaint this weekend and then I'll be ready to roll with my vision.  Of course, I still need to wait on the furniture.  I pray it arrives sooner vs. later.  I should receive my custom curtains and bed skirt next week or the following week.  I ordered a huge wooden print that I hope looks perfect above the crib.  Fingers crossed.  This morning I ordered a few other decorative pieces.  I was going to post pics of my new purchases but I think I will hold off and wait for the big nursery reveal.  I have to say tho I'm still on the hunt for that perfect turquoise side table for my glider.  I found one online that I like but can't justify paying the price tag for.  It will be my back up to my back up in case I cannot find anything in the next couple weeks.  I keep popping in Home Goods every couple days (and will again today on my way home) in the hopes of finding the turquoise table that I should have purchased weeks ago.  I'm kicking myself for not purchasing it.  Dumbest thing I never did.  Note to self: you like it, buy it.  Never wait.  It's easier to return something vs. trying to find it when it's nowhere to be found. 

Have a great weekend!  I'm looking forward to being home with C and getting some house related stuff checked off the list.

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