Slackin' ... Pink or Blue?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I totally skipped last weeks 31 week post.  Ooops.  With 2 baby showers, traveling to Chicago, a first communion, finding homes for all of our new baby gear and working full time - my blog has gotten away from me. 

My baby showers are over.  It makes me sad yet happy.  Sad that the time seems to be moving so fast at this point and happy that we are so blessed to be showered so many much needed and creative gifts.  Babies are expensive.  I just don't know how someone would be able to purchase everything they needed on  their own for their little one.  It would break the bank. 

Last night I took inventory on all of our gifts and was so overwhelmed with the feeling of being so blessed.  Our family and friends really outdid themselves.  Our little peanut isn't even here yet and s/he is already so spoiled.  We are truly so lucky to have such an amazing family and friends.

We received some of the cutest boy and girl clothes as gifts.  Looking at them side by side last night made my head hurt.  Pink or blue?  What's it going to be?  I've come to the point where I really wish we knew what we were having.  Waiting it out is hard

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