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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

C&I have been on the hunt for a TV console to  hold all of our electronic components (blu-ray, direct TV box & receiver) for weeks now.  Since our TV is mounted over the fireplace the only place for the components to go is on the side of the fireplace in a pretty little console.  Seems like a simple piece of furniture to find, right?  Wrong.  Pretty sure we have been to every furniture store in Minnesota.  Twice.  Either we are way too picky (probably the case) or everything is just ugly to us or not our style.  Of course the few consoles that we found, liked and fit our measurement criteria have been the wrong color. 

So for the past week or so all of our components have been neatly stacked on a glass end table next to our fireplace.  It's so ghetto looking and seeing the wires everywhere is absolutely killing me.

I decided to spend some time online searching the web for exactly what I have in mind.  I'm definitely a touch and see girl so ordering something online pains me.  I hate returning things.  I hate receiving an item and it not fulfill my expectations.  But, in this case, I took a huge deep breath and clicked 'add to cart' and checked out. 

We ended up purchasing this console.  Free shipping, 15% off and a $50 gift card applied to the price made it such a bargain.  I'm praying it looks just as great in person. 

  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I love it enough not to return it!

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