29 Weeks

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our peanut is definitely not the size of a peanut anymore.  S/he is the size of a acorn squash this week!  I have to be honest, I'm glad thebump.com showed a picture of what an acorn squash looked like because I've never seen one or had one. 

I realize stripes are not a pregnant girl's friend, but I love stripes so much!  Especially black and white stripes!

How far along:  29 weeks, 1 day
Maternity Clothes?  Yes!  I might actually swing into Macy's today at lunch to pick up a few new things.  My wardrobe is pretty limited.
Stretch Marks?  Zip, zero, zilch!
Sleep:  I have been sleeping a lot more lately than usual.  C keeps telling me my snoring at night keeps him awake.  Huh?  Come on, girls don't snore.  Silly C.
Best Moment this Week:  Receiving a check from Comcast of $140 due to an overpayment.  THANK YOU!!!  
Miss Anything?  I miss walking up the stairs without becoming out of breath.  This basketball under my shirt is diminishing my lung capacity.
Movement:  Room is getting cramped in there so I am feeling every little kick, punch and roll.  I love it :)
Food Cravings:  Ice.  Is that strange?  I don't know why but I have to fill my glass with it and crunch every single cube lately.  I can't get enough. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Just the look of my toes/feet right now.  I'm in desperate need of a pedicure!
Gender:  While at my doctor appointment on Tuesday I almost talked myself into asking the doctor to find out the gender since C wasn't with me.  Don't worry, I didn't.  I can wait 11 more weeks (give or take).
Labor Signs:  Nope.  Altho my doctor did ask me if I have had any contractions yet.  What?  Seriously? 
Belly Button in or out?  Stretched and huge!  But thankfully it hasn't popped out yet.  Maybe it won't?  Fingers crossed!
Wedding Rings on or off?  Off.  I wonder if strangers think I'm some knocked up hoe...
Happy or Moody Most of the Time:  Happy!
Looking Forward to:  Dinner with friends at our house tomorrow night. 

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