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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That's how I feel. 

I found what I thought was the perfect shade of gray for the nursery.  It matched the vision in my head perfectly.  C&I picked up the supplies and C spent most of the morning yesterday painting his little heart out.  I stayed out of the room and tried my hardest not to peek while he was working.  Finally, when he finished, I checked out the room. 

It looks blueish. 

Blue?  Really?  How does this happen when the swatch is clearly gray and even the name of the color has the word gray in it.  I realize gray has a lot of blue undertones to it but I never thought the color would look this blue to me.  It's a gorgeous color and I would totally use it in a guest bedroom or bathroom, but it just doesn't flow with my nursery vision.

I wanted to cry.  Instead, I held it together and told him what a great job he did but mentioned I felt it looked too blue.  I waited for it to dry completely and walked away from the room several times and re-entered.  I figured taking a timeout from the room and re-entering would give my eyes a fresh look and I would be able to see some sort of gray to the wall.  No dice. 

I expressed my frustration and the anxiety I have with the color to C.  Thankfully he's taking it better than I thought.  I told him the color isn't working with the vision in my head and I need to find a new shade of gray and he will need to repaint :( 

I never thought it would be so hard to find the perfect shade of gray.  I've been looking at gray nurseries for inspiration for months and never did I think it would be so hard to find the perfect shade of paint.  Everyone makes it look so easy. 

I suck at interior design.

So tonight on my way home I will be visiting the paint store AGAIN.  I've been there so much lately they are going to know me by name. 

Here's a pic from my cell phone for proof.  Maybe the pic doesn't show the blueness as much as it looks in person.  But still, it's not what I had envisioned. 

For for the record is it gray or grey?  I always get so confused. 

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