Don't You Love being Pregnant?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If I have to hear that one more time, I might lose it. 

To be completely honest and blunt - No, I don't love being pregnant. 

Let me explain prior to everyone thinking I'm a horrible mom-to-be.

I love....
  • That C&I will be parents in a few short months.
  • That after a year of trying to get pregnant we finally are.
  • That this pregnancy did not end in miscarriage like our first pregnancy did.
  • That C&I will be a family of 3 in August. 
  • Feeling him/her move around in my belly.
  • That soon I will have a son or daughter.

I hate....
  • Watching my body get bigger and bigger daily/weekly.
  • That I'm stuffy all.the.time.
  • That my hands and feet are so swollen - already!
  • That I stand in my closet every morning and want to cry while trying to find something, anything that fits and looks semi cute.
  • That I'm "on display" at work.  Anytime I get up people immediately check me out.
  • That I feel like I am larger than what I should be at 20 weeks - even if my doc assures me I'm right on track.
  • That I have to pee all.the.dang.time.
  • That I had to purchase a bigger cup size in my bras. 
  • That maternity dresses look absolutely ridiculous on me. 

I'm sure if I really sat and thought about it I could add 10 more things that I hate about being pregnant.  To sum it all up tho, I really just hate dealing with my changing body.  Whoever says they love getting bigger and loves pregnancy has to be lying.  Maybe I'm too self-conscious... I don't know. 

I'm definitely looking forward to August.  I want my body back.  I want to feel and look like myself again - all while holding our new bundle of joy of course :)

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