Crib Success

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Before my mother-in-law and I set out to search for furniture for the nursery I snapped these pics of my 21 week bump.

Picking out nursery furniture is no joke.  There are way too many options.  I have a love/hate relationship with options.  I love having them.  For example a few extra shirts in my suitcase when traveling so I'm not limited to wear what I packed for the day.  But I also hate them.  When I have more than 3 options to choose from, my head spins, I get hot and sweaty and can't make a decisions for the life of me.  Which is exactly what happened to me last weekend.

Because C&I still aren't sure if we are going to find whether we are having a boy or girl, I want to keep the furniture in the nursery gender neutral.  Oh and I want it to be white.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  Wrong.

Go to just about any store that carries baby furniture and take a look around.  All of the white furniture on display is decorated in pinks and purples.  Totally girly.  I have yet to find one white furniture set (on display in a store) decorated for a boy.  I obviously don't know if we are having a boy at this point, but I'd like to pick out a set that could be perfect for a little girl or little boy. 

In search of the perfect gender neutral white furniture with my mother-in-law in tow I was almost brought to tears.  The cribs I have always adored from afar now all look too girly to me.  The cribs with high backs, curves and arches I can only picture a little baby girl sleeping in.  So half way through my search I told my mother-in-law that I would just scratch the white and get darker wood.  For some reason even with the high backs, curves and arches it didn't seem quite as girly to me.  Thankfully she told me to snap out of it.  I've always wanted white furniture so white furniture is what I'll find.

There came a point that I stood looking at all the cribs and felt my face getting red and my eyes filling up with tears ready to drop.  Can you say emotional much?  Pull it together girl!

Just when I thought we'd leave the store without finding furniture I liked, I found the perfect crib.  And, thankfully, it was white.  There are no curves or a high arching back to make this crib look girly.  It's pretty basic with a straight back.  (I have pictures but will keep them under wraps until I post the nursery when it's completely finished.)  The set is exactly what I need/want in order to keep it gender neutral.  I even threw a nautical themed comforter over the crib to test my theory that it would look fine if we have a little baby boy.

It's perfect.  For me.  For our baby.  For our nursery.

A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Now I can focus all my attention on the smaller details of the nursery.  Like finding the perfect changing pad...


Jessie said...

So excited you have made a decision! Yes...check! Side note: do you ever use toliet paper? You are always fully stocked :)

Court said...

Haha Jess! I was waiting for someone to comment on that! We are always prepared in this household.


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