Behind the Camera

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I haven't been behind the camera in a long time.  We are talking weeks.  No, actually longer ... months.  It's embarrassing.  Especially since I call myself a photographer.  I felt frustrated at my last two sessions.  I felt like I wasn't cut out for this,  didn't have the skill it takes to be a successful photographer and unfortunately, the worst of all, kept comparing my work to other photographers and felt inadequate.  Because of my frustration with myself I put my camera down.  I told myself I just needed a break.  I needed to regroup, refocus, give myself a pep talk and get my butt back out there.  But I didn't do any of those things.  I put my camera in my bag and haven't touched it.

That was until last night.  My good friend, Natalie, who is also a photographer, asked to shoot for an hour or so.  We do this every now and then to bounce ideas off each other, experiment with lighting and poses and just get goofy for each other's cameras.  It's so fun to shoot without any pressure of a paying client.

As expected, we had a blast shooting each other.  She definitely shot way more than I did since my baby bump was something fun and new to experiment with.  But I have to say the shots I did get of her, I loved. 

I'm so thankful for our shoot last night.  It gave me my confidence back and reminded me how much I absolutely love being behind the camera.  No more waiting weeks/months to touch my camera again.  Obviously if want to improve and advance as a photographer, I have to practice daily.  So even though my plate is full with preparing for our baby's arrival and moving into our new home, I can't let my dream and passion go by the wayside.

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