My Senior Dog

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last year, when Tiko turned 7, the vet informed me he was now considered a "senior".  What?  Really?  At 7?  Come on!  He has way too much spunk for me to even consider him a senior.  I know in dog years he's like 49 or something crazy but I just couldn't wrap my head around him becoming a "senior". 

Over the last year we have noticed some changes in Tik.  He's slowing down a little, sleeps longer, is definitely more lazy and perfers to lay in the yard and watch the birds instead of going on long walks.  On top of all of that last year he was diagnosed as having arthritis in his back leg.  This has resulted him in using that leg less, limping more often and definitely not walking as far as he once would/could.  So because of his arthritis we have been giving him joint pills daily.  They seemed to be doing the trick.  Up until I needed to purchase a new bottle of pills.  $94?  You have to be kidding me.  That's a lot of money.  So sadly, the past few months (by few I mean 6) he has been off his joint pills and I can definitely tell the difference.  His leg is a lot more stiff. 

Yesterday at Tiko's "senior wellness exam" the vet said it seems like his arthritis is getting a little worse.  This makes me so sad.  I feel like a horrible doggy mom.  Instead of splurging on that new shirt at Target or going out to lunch twice a week I should have saved that money for Tiko's joint meds. 

I coughed up the money yesterday and purchased a new bottle of joint meds.  On top of that the vet now wants me to give him ... wait for it ... fish oil pills.  Really?  Seems kinda silly to me.  But they are suppose to help with his inflammation of his arthritis.  So, of course, I purchased those as well.  And on top of that we now have pills to give him to help manage his pain level.  Our poor Tiko is now taking 5 pills every morning.  The fact that he's a senior has now set in. 

Aside from his arthritis I'm happy to report that he is in tip top shape.  He even has lost a few pounds and is at a perfectly healthy weight.  We are nearing his 8th birthday and I would like to think (and hope) he has a solid 5+ more years of a happy and healthy life with us.  I know life is going to get pretty busy here shortly with a new house and new baby.  But I have every intention make sure to give Tiko the extra attention and belly rubs he needs and deserves. 

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Jessie said...

Cayman has been limping around too. I think I'll try the fish oil pills too. I heard those were good for pregnancy as well. Perfect, kill two birds.


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