Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just when I say that I'm getting anxious to feel our baby move, kick, punch, flutter - IT HAPPENS!

I was laying in bed Saturday morning reading my week by week pregnancy book, as I do every Saturday morning, when I felt her/him.  I wasn't sure it was really her/him at first.  Honestly, I thought maybe I had gas.  But then 40 seconds later it happened again.  And again.  I knew the only thing it could actually be is her/him moving around in there.  FINALLY!  When people describe it as popcorn popping, they are exactly right.  It's definitely what I would call it.

I stayed in bed for another 10 minutes without moving. Because me moving would make him or her stop moving all together, right?  So silly of me.  The more I thought about it the more I realized I think I have felt her/him before but I just didn't realize it.  Being able to stay still and concentrate on what I was feeling inside of me made it easy to feel her/him.  As I go about my day I never really concentrate on whether I can or can't feel anything - hence probably feeling her/him before without even realizing it.  Besides, as a first time mom I didn't even really know what any sort of movement would feel like.

I'm so thrilled I finally felt our little sweet potato!  I can't wait until C can feel her/him too!

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