Counting the Weeks

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We officially have 6 weeks and 2.5 days until we close on our house.  Crazy.  I can't believe how fast they our building our home.  I guess since we are the last home to be built in the subdivision they are cruising along.  And, of course, this gorgeous weather is just helping them speed things up. 

C&I stopped by the house last Saturday to see the progress.  We have walls.  And paint!  It's starting to look like a house.  They will begin the trim work this week and soon after our cabinetry.  It's so fun watch the progress.  I still cannot believe it will be our home to move into in a few weeks.  The space!  Ahhh, it's going to feel like a castle compared to our tiny t-house. 

Standing in our new kitchen :)

After checking out the house we went to a blinds store to get a quote on blinds for the entire house.  All I can say is thank God we are getting a nice tax refund back.  Otherwise we would totally be those people who have sheets over their windows because they cannot afford blinds. 

We also stopped at a furniture store to look around.  Our current sectional that we purchased last year that we are in love with will not fit in our new family room.  It's amazing and I'm seriously burn up about not being able to have it in our new living room.  We found a possible couch and love seat that would fit perfectly in our new living room.  Hoping we can catch it on sale again so we can order it.  Otherwise anyone who comes over after we close will have to sit on the floor or a folding chair. 

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