15 Weeks

Friday, March 2, 2012

15 weeks!  Whoo hoo!!  Our little lemon has been up graded to a navel orange!  One week closer to feel her/him move.  I'm so excited for that.  I can't wait to start feeling her/him kick, hiccup, move around, dance...  I've read that you'll be able to feel movement somewhere between 16-22 weeks.  I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later for our little navel orange.  

Here's my 15w1d shots taken in the bathroom at work today.  Nice bathroom huh? 

I feel like my belly is really starting to round out and pop a little! I won't lie, I've been so self-conscience this whole pregnancy with showing earlier than some of my friends.  But my doctor reassured me at my last appointment that I shouldn't stress.  Everyone obviously starts showing differently and every pregnancy is different.  And, let's be honest, I'm 5 foot 3 inches and I have a tiny torso so in reality, there isn't anywhere else for it to go other than out.  At least now I'm out of the "is she getting chubby?" stage.  I definitely look pregnant.  And I've been enjoying wearing tighter shirts to show off the bump.  

When they say your second trimester is your best, they weren't kidding.  I am feeling so much better and am really enjoying watching my bump grow - even if I do seem a little skeptical at times.  It's hard going from always being thin to gaining a few lbs and seeing your stomach hang over your pants!  It's taken me a while to finally embrace it.  I might as well since it's not going to get smaller anytime soon!    

How far along?  15 weeks, 1 day.
Maternity clothes? Still rocking my leggings daily and loving it. 
Stretch marks?  Nope.
Sleep:  I've purchased a humidifier and FINALLY I can breathe at night making me sleep even better.
Best moment this week:  Finalizing our electric plans for the new house.  I know, it doesn't sound that exciting to the average person.  But, it's one step closer to finalizing all plans for our new home.
Have you told family and friends: Yes!
Miss Anything?  Heels.  I always thought I'd be that girl to wear heels my entire pregnancy (a la JSimps) but I've come to love flats.  I've taken the comfort over fashion approach for once in my life.
Movement:  Not yet.
Food cravings:  None this week.  Altho I'm thoroughly enjoying my Lucky Charms every morning.  Can't get enough!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Store bought lettuce - still!  I hope this ends soon.
Have you started to show yet:  Yep, finally starting to look pregnant and not chubby.
Gender prediction:  Girl. 
Labor Signs:  No
Belly Button in or out?  In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy!
Looking forward to:
  A low key weekend with the Hubs.  

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