13 Weeks

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today marks 13 weeks!  I'm almost finished with the first trimester.  Gosh, that went by so quickly!  I am one-third of the way finished!  Baby N is the size of a peach this week.  She/he is growing so quickly.  Which, of course, has resulted in me growing too!  My favorite black work pants that I tend to wear all too often during the week have decided not to button anymore.  Jerk!  I tried the rubber band trick.  I was really hoping that would get me some more weeks in my work pants.  But, unfortunately, I did not find that comfortable at all.  My sister-in-law was nice enough to lend me her belly band.  So, I gave that a whirl.  It was more comfortable than the rubber band trick however I hated adjusting the band every time I got up from my desk.

So... yesterday I found myself at Macy's in their maternity department.  Ohhh, I love Macy's.  What a great selection!  They have A Pea in the Pod & Motherhood there.  Not to mention a large clearance rack that I definitely took advantage of.  I splurged and purchased 2 pair of work pants (BOGO 1/2 off) a sweater from A Pea in the Pod which I probably spent more than I should have on, some more leggings and a tank.  I wore my new maternity work pants today and all I can say is AHHHHH!  So much more comfortable!  I know a lot of women do not like the panel on maternity pants but I have to say, I love it!  It's like Spanx for your stomach.  Genius really.

I have failed with my weekly belly photos.  I had every intention to start them at week 8/9.  I kept telling myself, tomorrow I will take a pic... tomorrow...  So, this is my goal for the weekend.  Altho I don't love starting my belly pics at 13 weeks, but it is what it is.  If I don't start now, I probably never will.

So with that said, here is a camera phone pic from this morning.  Check out that bump :)

Ok, so it's not huge, but you can definitely tell I have a bump!  Today I also announced on FB our pregnancy with this pic C&I took while we were in Florida a few weeks ago...

I don't love my thunder thighs in this pic, but I do love how happy C&I look :)

I've finally have my energy back.  I no longer go to sleep at 7:30.  I can stay up til 10 now!  I still haven't started those pregnancy DVDs I had to run out and purchase as soon as I confirmed my pregnancy.  It's another one of those things I keep telling myself - tomorrow... 

I don't think Tiko has realized yet that his life is going to be turned upside down in about 6 months.  They say dogs can sense pregnancy and sometimes do weird things before the baby comes.  Tiko must be an exception to this.  He is still his lazy self who is still mama's boy.  I'm really hoping he does well with the peach.  He's always been my boy so I'm really nervous he's going to be a tad jealous of me.  I guess time will tell.  Until then I've been sure to give him extra belly rubs and cuddles.

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