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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I ventured to the Mall of America last weekend by myself since the hubs decided to go fishing.  I figured it was probably for the best.  He isn't much of a shopper and personally, neither am I.  I like to only go if I have something I'm shopping for and be able to get in and out.  Unfortunately, there is no getting in and out of the MOA.  It's such a zoo.  And last Saturday it was no different.

I did manage to find a couple things to spice up my wardrobe.  First and foremost, more leggings!  I've been living in leggings.  They are just so comfy and all I want to wear right now.  According to a few friends, it's all I'm going to want to wear this entire pregnancy - which is fine by me!  Thank goodness they are in style.  I've been addicted to the Motherhood leggings that have the full panel.  I just purchased 2 more pair.  I love love love the panel (a/k/a spanx for my stomach).  I also purchased a few new shirts, altho after bringing them home I realized they were a little too casual for the office.  Which means another shopping trip is in my future.

The hubs and I are struggling to see eye to eye on finding out the gender of our little peach. (Tomorrow he/she is a lemon!)  He is adamant on not finding out until I give birth.  I however want to find out as soon as we are able.  I'm a planner.  I want the nursery finished before he/she gets here.  I want to know if there is a boy or girl inside of me.  I think it would also help with the bonding process.  But I guess I can also see his point of view in wanting to wait.  I really have no preference as to if our peach is a boy or girl.  As long as my baby is healthy and has all 10 fingers and toes, I'm happy.  Altho I have to admit that I have a weird feeling it's a girl. 

So with that said I've been collecting nursery ideas on Pinterest.  Our new home will not be finished until mid-May so I have a little more time to collect my ideas.  So far here are a few ideas I'm tossing around.

I am in love with grey, white and yellow.  You might have noticed that from the colors of my blog.  They are actually the same colors as my photography website too.  Addicted.  So I'm tossing around this color palette.  It would go great for either a boy or girl if we decide to keep the nursery gender neutral.  The owl in the pic is just an added bonus since I kinda love owls right now too.

I also really really really love this grey, white, yellow with a pop of turquoise nursery.  The pop of pink is definitely super fun if it's a girl.  It's very much my style.  I actually stole the pop of turquoise for my blog design :) 

Stars.  Obviously this would only happen if we found out we were having a girl.  Stars have a huge personal meaning to me.  I have one tattooed on the inside of my wrist in remembrance of my Gram.

Stripes.  If I were to have one room in our new house stripes, I would love to have that the nursery.  I'm not a huge orange person so I'd definitely switch that up with yellow.  I love these stripes because they aren't too much.  Sometimes the stripes get to be overpowering but these seem to be just perfect. 

So, as you can see, my ideas are kind of all over the place.  I keep telling the hubs that finding out the baby's gender would definitely make this so much easier.  He's not buying it tho.  I have a few more weeks to work on him :)

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