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Friday, February 17, 2012

Today is jeans day at the office.  I love jeans day.  Except the fact that most of my jeans will not button right now.  It made getting ready this morning interesting.  I luckily got my favorite pair of jeggings on today.  They even buttoned!  Huge accomplishment.  They aren't 100% comfortable while sitting but I'm happy that they still button and fit.  Hopefully I can rock these for a the next couple weeks. 

I've been scouring the internet for cute maternity clothes.  Granted I don't need to wear them at this point.  I actually want to tho.  Maybe it's because I'm not nauseous anymore, but I'm starting to enjoy being pregnant and am embracing my changing figure.  I want people to look at me and realize I'm pregnant (not just chubby).  I feel like the majority of maternity clothes I have seen online are just ehhh for me.  Nothing is standing out as stylish or cute.  And those are two things I definitely want to be during this pregnancy.  For the record, you will not catch me dead in a "tent shirt".  Even if people claim that's all I will want to wear at some point. 

I'm hoping I can convince the hubs to brace the Mall of America with me at some point this weekend.  The MOA seems to be the only place around here with a Gap Maternity & Destination Maternity.  While I don't love going to the MOA (hate it actually), I'm willing to suck it up if it means I can find some cute, stylish pieces for my wardrobe.  It's all about sacrifice people. 

Today I'm wearing my new sweater I purchased from Macy's the other day.  It's from A Pea in the Pod.  Nothing is really exciting about this but it's definitely me and my style (or lack thereof).  I'm a huge fan of stripes and, of course, black.  Here's a shot from this morning...

Tonight we are going to the Jason Aldean concert with friends.  I can't wait.  I can honestly say I'm not thrilled to be the sober cab.  However, I am thrilled to know that I will not wake up with a hangover tomorrow and get to enjoy my weekend while my husband will probably be on the couch all day.  A little pregnancy bonus!

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