Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We saw it yesterday.  We saw the flicker of our baby's heartbeat!  Ohhhh, what a great sight!  I won't lie, right before the tech showed us the flicker my stomach dropped thinking nothing was there.  But 2 seconds later we saw it plain as day.  What a relief.  We have a nice strong heartbeat of 154.  Our little blueberry measures 7w3d, only 1 day ahead of schedule.  Everything is right on track which makes for such a great feeling.  We left with 4 pictures of our little blueberry and I, of course, immediately framed one as soon as we got home :)

My original due date from my LMP was August 26th.  According to how the blueberry was measuring the tech bumped it up 2 days to August 24th.  It is still crazy for me to think that a) I have a baby growing inside of me and b) I'm going to be a mom. 

Today I woke up smiling.  Although I may not feel my best physically, emotionally I'm on an ultimate high. 

C&I left the doctor's office with huge smiles on our faces.  I stopped at Target before heading home to pick up 2 pregnancy DVDs.  Once I kick this cough/cold that has been wearing me down I'm going to start a workout regimen.  I'll be honest - I've been very lazy the past couple of weeks.  Making a baby makes a girl tired!  But I really need to keep fit during this pregnancy so no excuses once I'm healthy again. 

Due to my history we go back to the doctor in 2 weeks for another ultrasound.  I can't wait to see that little flicker again :)

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