Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I slept in this morning.  There was no way I was going to get up at 5:15 this morning.  I was EXHAUSTED.  I hit snooze for a good hour.  I easily could have stayed in bed until 11 today.  Easily.  Over the weekend C's parents were in town and we did lots of shopping and eating out.  I was spent after we dropped them off at the airport and crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

I was trying to find something to wear to work this morning and everything I tried on looked horrible on me.  I know I'm barely showing right now but even with the slightest bloat I feel gross, ugly and fat.  So after 2 outfit changes the tears started rolling down my cheeks.  Pathetic.

My commute this morning was horrible.  With just the slightest dusting of snow everyone had to put on their brakes.  So annoying.  My 20 minute commute took me about an hour.  As I sat in traffic unable to move, the tears started rolling down my cheeks.  Again. 

Since I took the day off yesterday to spend with my in-laws I came to work with piles of files, papers, mail and priority projects staring at me.  I didn't even have my coat off and hung before I felt my vision getting blurry with tears about to fall. 

Can we say emotional much?  All of the above are not things I would ever cry about or even get the slightest bit upset about.  But today was just too much for some reason.  I know my hormones on are overdrive right now but I never expected to be able to cry like this at a drop of a hat.

In other news I'm meeting Heather for dinner tonight.  I haven't seen her in months and I'm so excited to catch up with her and share my news with her.  Although, I have a feeling she already suspects something.  Either way, it will be a relief to finally tell her.  I've been wanting to tell her the day I found out I was pregnant.  I am really surprised I've kept it from her this long to be honest!

I follow hundreds of blogs on my google reader.  They are mostly photographer blogs.  One of my favorite photographers posted the cutest belly pics she took for one of her friends.  It totally reminded me that I have not started documenting my belly's growth.  This is week 8 (my blueberry is now a raspberry!) and I have only snapped one picture with my camera phone of my growing belly.  So tonight I will be trying to think of a cute spot in our house, an outfit to wear for each photo and a way to document how many weeks I am for my belly shots.  I really love this idea...

photo credit :: drewbphotography

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