Friday, January 20, 2012

Noemi is a photographer who I have grown to get to know over the last year.  I attended a workshop she taught and learned so much from her that I took a 2 more workshops and even had her photograph C&I last summer.  She's one of those photographers who isn't afraid to help you get started in photography and answers any and all questions you have.  To say I've learned so much from her over the last year is an understatement.  To be completely honest I don't think I'd be where I was today without her.  She gave me a confident boost and the drive to push forward when I wanted to throw in the towel.

Tomorrow she is teaching another workshop.  During her workshops she teaches her attendees how to conduct a photo shoot and get their client into great poses that look natural and effortless.  She's so talented in what she does.  She emailed me last weekend to ask if C&I would model for her workshop (tomorrow).  Duhh, of course we would!  As her thank you to us we will receive a cd of all the edited images from our shoot.  Who doesn't love free photos of yourself with the one you love?

So in planning our outfits tomorrow I asked Noemi what should we wear.  She wants us to dress up, make sure it is something warm since we will be shooting outdoors in a balmy 20 degrees and accessorize tons.  Hold up, accessorize?  If you know me in real life, you know that I'm a pretty plain girl.  We are talking jeans and a t-shirt.  When I accessorize, I put in my stud diamond earrings.

So after spending way too much time in my closet I have finally put together a dressy outfit with a few accessories.  Picture it.  Black round toe heels, black sweater tights, black short dress with pockets (I like black as you can tell so far), grey button up cardigan left open, red thick wool scarf, gold dangly earrings and hair in a pony with a headband.  Can you see it?  Cute right?  And to think I whipped it up all by myself and didn't have a purchase a single new item.  This has to be some sort of record for me.  The Mr. is going to ever so handsome in black shoes, dark jeans and a grey and black sweater.  With his glasses - ohhh, love him in his glasses.

We aren't the type to dress up much.  We will definitely be out of our element a little but it will be good for us.  It will definitely be fun to have photos of us with a different look.  I'm not one who likes being in front of the camera.  As a photographer you get pretty comfortable being behind the camera.  So being on the other side is always a little nerve wrecking and again, out of my element.  So, fingers crossed tomorrow's shoot goes well for us and we produce some kick butt photos.

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